Eye Lift Surgery

Ideal candidates for an eye lift are those in good physical and mental health who have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. It is also important for potential patients to have a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, which can be discussed with Dr. Boss during the initial consultation.

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Thigh Lift Surgery

The ideal candidates for a thigh lift procedure are patients who are in good physical and psychological health. People with excess fat pockets in the thigh region that do not respond to diet and exercise may be good candidates for the procedure as well. Patients with extra skin in the thigh area as a result of aging or extreme weight-loss as well as those who have undergone gastric bypass

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can reduce the size and weight of breasts and are typically done for medical reasons rather than cosmetic purposes. In fact, most insurance companies will cover the costs related to the procedure when breast reduction surgery is considered medically necessary.

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Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can raise and reshape a woman’s breasts and reduce the size of the areola if necessary. The procedure is especially beneficial to women whose breasts have begun to sag as a result of genetics, aging, pregnancy, and/or nursing. A semi-permanent procedure, a breast

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Botox Injections

Candidates for Botox® are adult women and men who have developed the first visual signs of aging and who are also in good physical and mental health. It’s also important for patients to have realistic expectations with regards to the outcome of the treatment, and to …

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