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Protecting the health of North Carolinians shouldn't be a

The new lottery, similar to those in states like California, Ohio and Colorado, was designed to decrease vaccine hesitancy in North Carolina. As of now, only 52% of North Carolinians are fully vaccinated. The prize aims to speed up efforts to meet President Biden’s goal of a 70% vaccination rate by randomly handing out four $1 million prizes

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As vaccination rates decline, DHHS and health care

A Granville-Vance Public Health vaccination clinic earl ier this year filled all its 1,200 appointments in a few days, said health director Lisa Harrison. For an April 16 clinic, it took two weeks to fill 400 appointments. Granville-Vance did not use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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children's health Archives NC Policy Watch

NC experienced a big spike in child firearm deaths in 2020 While parents and health care providers have been laser focused on the pandemic this year, members of the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force (CFTF) offered some sobering numbers last week about overall child injury trends.

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Giving thanks for life-saving vaccines, researchers, and

Giving thanks for life-saving vaccines, researchers, and health care professionals. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

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North Carolina has a plan to get COVID-19 vaccines to

The state Department of Health and Human Services, farmworker health groups, employers, and medical clinics plan to make COVID-19 vaccines available to workers whose close living conditions make for the easy spread of the coronavirus. Migrant farmworkers work long hours each day. Many don’t have internet access, move from farm to farm over

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Former Army missile plant in Burlington poses "an urgent

Nonetheless, in October 2015, the company hosted a public haunted house for Halloween, “with people accessing many of the buildings on site for the event even in their unsafe condition,” the state Division of Public Health later wrote. “This is an urgent public health risk.”

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The U.S. and COVID-19: A bad situation could be about to

Potential demise of health care law leaves millions – especially women – on the brink. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been one of the most significant advancements for women’s health and economic security in a generation. The law expanded coverage to millions of uninsured people through financial assistance and public insurance and

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Health care for millions and democracy itself is now at

It is not just health care for 30 million people at stake these days. Democracy is hanging by a thread too-in Raleigh and in Washington. First, consider the spectacle of Sen. John McCain, arriving back in Washington Tuesday for the first time since being diagnosed with brain cancer.

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EPA: GenX far more toxic that originally thought, could

A health advisory goal is not legally enforceable, but it is among the steps toward a national drinking water standard, which is law. In North Carolina, the Department of Health and Human Services has established a health advisory goal of 140 parts per trillion for GenX; based on the new EPA data, the threshold would decrease to between 4 ppt

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A political conspiracy to endanger women’s health NC

It sounds like a conspiracy plot straight out of a Margaret Atwood novel. Within a course of two weeks, mostly behind closed doors, politicians, bureaucrats and trustees strip reproductive health coverage from insurance plans covering thousands of female employees. It sounds like fantasy fiction but the assault on reproductive healthcare coverage in North Carolina is all too real.

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Should the unvaccinated be a lower priority for health

It was a death sentence few health care providers wanted to write, but that the virus necessitated. A year and a half later, it’s happening again — hospitals are overflowing and medical staff are in short supply. Unlike when the pandemic started, this isn’t necessary. There are now several remarkably safe and effective vaccines that could

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The health care campaign NC Policy Watch

Among his health care proposals, Democratic House candidate Carnell Taylor wants to remove some of the "bureaucratic" aspects of Medicaid and Medicare, programs with much smaller administrative costs that the private health care system. Misrepresenting Medicaid is nothing new. Neither are most of the health proposals from the candidates for

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Sources link UNC-Vidant dispute to ongoing battles between

Photo courtesy of Vidant Health. As lawmakers work to negotiate a final state budget by the end of the month, the ongoing conflict between Vidant Health and the UNC System continues to unfold through public jabs and in private mediation. In the balance: Tens of millions in Medicaid reimbursements to one of eastern North Carolina’s most vital hospital systems.

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What would a new Trump health care plan look like

In health insurance, quality includes criteria such as amount of coverage, scope of benefits, and freedom to choose a health care provider. If a person buys a cheap health insurance policy, that person (or that person’s spouse or child) might not have enough insurance coverage to afford medically necessary drugs or treatments.

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New fee hike spurs UNC-Chapel Hill students to seek more

The student proposal recommends hiring one psychologist for the Multicultural Health Program at a cost of $93,371 and two social workers for on-site mental health care at Campus Health at a cost of $161,355. Those costs include salaries, benefits, …

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A Student-Centered Approach to the Recently

Mental Health Task Force. The Task Force, consistingof students, staff, faculty, and mental health advocates from all corners of our campus, wascharged with the following tasks: 1. Assess the scope of mental health care needs at Carolina; 2. Evaluate existing or emerging best practices froma variety of disciplines; and, 3.

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Health pandemic leads to numerous reports of price gouging

Health pandemic leads to numerous reports of price gouging across NC. Photos of alleged price gouging were submitted by consumers to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office. Just three days after Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Joannie Valencia paid $42.90 for two bottles of 70%

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More misleading smoke about protecting public health NC

More misleading smoke about protecting public health. Thank goodness that Rep. Hugh Holliman is so determined to protect people from the deadly effects of secondhand smoke. Powerful interests are organized against him, trying to protect the tobacco industry, whose corporate profits depend on people increasing their risk of lung cancer and heart

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PW exclusive: A conversation with the first Chief Equity

Last month, the state Department of Health and Human Services announced Victor Armstrong’s appointment as its first Chief Equity Officer. His job is to promote health equity, reduce disparities, and guide the agency’s diversity and inclusion efforts. He oversees offices of Health Equity, Rural Health, and Diversity and Inclusion.

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Health care professionals condemn proposed abortion ban in

As health care professionals committed to ensuring all patients can access the full range of comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, we write to express our strong opposition to H.B.453, which would ban abortion based on the reason behind …

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Transgender prisoner fighting for gender-affirming surgery

This committee includes 10 administrators, including the Health Services medical director, chief of psychiatry, behavioral health director, chief medical officer, and the Prison Rape Elimination Act director. “Each individual’s situation is reviewed, …

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NC failed to meet court-ordered deadlines for moving

The regional mental health agencies haven’t been able to meet the court settlement requirements, work that required a lot of coordination. It’s hard to imagine things will get better when they are in charge of coordinating physical health care too, she said. “I hope it will improve with the move to Medicaid managed care,” Dunn said.

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It’s a big effort with middling results, but health

Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris said last week that contact tracers try to contact everyone who tests positive within 24 hours and notify the people they’d come close to within 24 hours of the interview. But they may have to change their strategy as the caseload grows, Harris said in an email last week.

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Help children’s health by closing the Medicaid coverage

A plan for closing the health coverage gap is an important strategy to reduce infant mortality in North Carolina. Across the state, the infant mortality rate correlates with women’s health—a baby is much more likely to be born healthy if her mother is healthy. Statewide, 22 percent of infant deaths are related to prematurity and low birth

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SPECIAL REPORT: NC’s destructive disinvestment in public

A 10-year review of public health spending shows that public health funding in North Carolina has not kept pace with the growing population. A new report from the North Carolina Budget & Tax Center gives a breakdown of how state investments in the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services have changed since 2008.

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health and safety Archives NC Policy Watch

After a series of tests at N.C. State’s Dabney Hall, home to the Chemistry Department, the school’s Environmental Health and Safety office is saying concerns expressed by staff, faculty and students about air quality are overblown. But chemistry and safety experts in the department say the

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"Shockingly large numbers" of positive virus tests found

Carolina Point, a for-profit nursing home at 5935 Mt. Sinai Road in Orange County, has a lengthy history of health and safety violations and fines, federal records show. Residents have repeatedly complained about the quality of the care, according to county documents, including indifferent or …

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New health care bill is a now familiar old pernicious plot

That is what is at risk in this latest pernicious health care plan bubbling up in Washington, a proposal that would make some insurance companies happy but take health care away from the folks who need it the most, the folks in North Carolina already reeling from six years of a combination of neglect and outright attacks. No thanks.

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Mental health NC Policy Watch

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services operates four psychiatric hospitals in the state. Broughton is the largest. The hospital serves a region of more than 3.6 million people, or about 36 percent of the state’s population.

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Transgender Health and Human Services nominee draws tirade

Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s pick to serve as assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, is a transgender woman who would become the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the federal government if confirmed.

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Monday numbers: Mapping urban heat islands to blunt the

Lisa Sorg, Environmental Reporter, joined N.C. Policy Watch in July 2016.She covers environmental issues, including social justice, pollution, climate change and energy policy. Before joining the project, Lisa was the editor and an investigative reporter for INDY Week, covering the environment, housing and city government.She has been a journalist for 22 years, working at magazines, daily

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PW special report: A treatment for COVID-19and a giant

But the state Department of Health and Human Services plays a central role in disseminating public health information. State health officials have been discussing the treatment a lot more in the last month. Even so, Fuller Moore said the state has focused on making sure people know the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Duke health experts call for patience, testing, improved

The sideshow continued in late March, when Trump said the country would open by Easter. Then under pressure from public health officials, Trump postponed the date until May 1, which experts said was still too soon. Shortly afterward, Trump said he had “total authority” to reopen the country, an assertion that has no constitutional basis.

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Reports: Health care for 600K NC'ians in jeopardy as Trump

In “The Health Care Repeal Lawsuit Could Strip Coverage from 23 Million Americans,” analysts Nicole Rapfogel and Emily Gee of the Center for American Progress explain that the impact of such a decision, which has long been forecast to end insurance coverage for millions of Americans, will be greatly worsened as a result of the COVID-19

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State treasurer responds to criticism of state health plan

When Charles Kurzman received a letter last month announcing an audit of the State Employee Health plan, it didn’t much worry him. A similar audit had been done back in 2010 and Kurzman, a professor of sociology at UNC, had provided information about his dependents and kept everyone in the family insured.

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States fail to prioritize homeless people for vaccines

Health and housing officials in Denver also don’t understand why Colorado moved people experiencing homelessness down the priority list. “It makes no sense that they would not be included early on,” said Bob McDonald, executive director of Denver’s …

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D-Day for health care reform NC Policy Watch

Today, American supporters of health care reform seem to be confronting a kind of public policy D-Day of their own. Like their forefathers on the beaches of Normandy, those who would change the American health care system have arrived at a critical moment: a moment in which neither retreat nor staying in place is a viable option.

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Hunger soars in NC in the wake of the

“The efforts over the last 40 years had started to pay off,” said Gideon Adams, vice president of community health and engagement at the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. “We started to see things coming down.” Before the pandemic, food insecurity was down to 550,000 people in the 34-county area the food bank covers.

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A day to remember in mental health NC Policy Watch

Thursday was a day to remember in the troubled saga of the state's mental health system, bringing both a stunning reminder of the problems that have plagued the system since the 2001 reform efforts began, and a bold proposal by Health and Human Services Secretary Dempsey Benton to consolidate local agencies into regional units and create statewide crisis teams to provide emergency …

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Nearly six weeks into the new fiscal year, House version

Lynn Bonner, Investigative Reporter, joined Policy Watch in October 2020 after 26 years as a reporter at The News & Observer. She covered the state legislature and politics for 20 years, and wrote extensively about mental health, state Medicaid policies and spending, and public education.

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Thom Tillis: Doing the bidding of insurance companies

This summer, Tillis was the primary sponsor of a bill that, at least at first glance, seems to protect Americans from the predatory practice of denying health insurance based on pre-existing health conditions. The bill even mimics the text of the ACA, saying the denial of coverage based on “health status, medical condition (including both

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Why are there so few stories about Trump’s health and

There are noticeably few stories about Trump’s mental and physical health, his marriage, his relationship with his minor son and the corrupt nepotism of having his adult children in the White House and involved in his campaign while profiting from family businesses. We still don’t know why Trump was rushed to Walter Reed hospital before

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