Andrographis review, benefits, dosage & side effects

Common cold. Andrographis paniculata is commonly used for the prevention and treatment of common cold in several communities. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 61 adult patients suffering from common cold used Kan Jang tablets (made from Andrographis paniculata dried extract) for 5 days 100).Within the treatment period, significant clinical improvement was observed on day 4 for 1200

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Osha root, health benefits, uses, toxicity and side effects

Osha root. Osha root also known as Ligusticum porteri, Oshá, Porter’s Lovage, Porter’s licorice-root, wild lovage, Porter’s wild lovage, chuchupate or Indian parsley, is a traditional Native American herb that is traditionally used in the treatment of many diseases including for poor circulation, sore throats, fevers, bronchitis, influenza and cramps 1), 2), 3).

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Skipping meals, benefits & side effects of

Skipping meals. Skipping meals also known as “intermittent fasting”, “periodic fasting”, “time‐restricted feeding”, “alternate-day fasting” or “reduced meal frequency”, is when people restrict the time (e.g., 16–48 hours) during the day when they can eat 1).Intermittent fasting focuses on the timing of when you can consume meals either within a day or a week.

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Proprioception Disorders

According to the National Institute of Health, nine percent of adults ages 65 and older report having difficulty with balance. This, along with a decline in lower body strength and stability, leads to an alarming 300,000 hospital admissions for fall-related injuries among older adults each year.

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LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide, uses, toxicity & side effects

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) published protocols for improving treatment for patients under the influence of or withdrawing from specific substances in a 2006 update. For hallucinogenic toxicity, the recommendation is to provide a quiet environment for the patient, preferably free from external stimuli

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Best foods for brain health and improve memory

Best foods for brain health. Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart and blood vessels. A meta-analysis (a study that investigates many other studies) published in BioMed Research International found that a higher intake of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, legumes and cereal seemed to be associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Achilles tendinitis, causes, symptoms, diagnosis

Achilles tendinitis. Achilles tendinitis also known as Achilles tendonitis or inflammation in the Achilles tendon, is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue that connects your calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone.

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Methylparaben, uses, safety, toxicity & side effects

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists measured parabens in the urine of more than 2,548 participants aged six years and older who took part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) during 2005–2006 6). By measuring these chemicals in urine, scientists can estimate the amount of parabens that has

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Ileitis causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment

Ileitis. Ileitis also called terminal ileitis, is an inflammation of the ileum, the last part of the small intestine that joins the large intestine. Ileitis symptoms include weight loss, diarrhea, cramping or pain in the abdomen, or fistulas (abnormal channels that develop between parts of the intestine). Ileitis can be caused by a wide variety

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Acute bronchitis, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

People who have other health issues (such as cancer or diabetes) People who haven’t gotten vaccines for flu, pneumonia, or whooping cough. Acute bronchitis causes. Acute bronchitis is most often caused by a contagious virus 7), 8). Approximately 95% of acute bronchitis in healthy adults are caused by viruses.

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Sodium Hydroxide Uses & Dangers

Sodium hydroxide dangers. The major human health hazard (and the mode of action) of sodium hydroxide is local irritation and/or corrosion on skin and eye irritation/corrosion. Human poisoning cases indicate that a dose of 10 grams orally is fatal 23). Sodium hydroxide is toxic by oral ingestion 24).

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Normal heart rate for women and men

A study from the Women’s Health Initiative published in 2009 examined the relationship between resting heart rate and heart attacks and strokes in 129,135 postmenopausal women 6). The report from the Women’s Health Initiative indicated that a resting heart rate at the low end of that spectrum may offer some protection against heart attacks 7).

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Microdeletion syndrome

Health care team. Because 22q11.2 deletion syndrome can result in so many problems, several specialists will likely be involved in diagnosing specific conditions, recommending treatments and providing care. This team will evolve as your child’s needs change. Specialists on your care team may include these professionals and others, as needed:

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CAMP test and Reverse CAMP test

CAMP test. CAMP test is used for the presumptive identification of Group B Streptococcus (group B strep) or Streptococcus agalactiae and Listeria monocytogenes 1).CAMP test is used to distinguish the species Streptococcus agalactiae from other species of beta-hemolytic Streptococcus 2).Streptococcus agalactiae also known as group B strep, is a bacterium that commonly cause of severe infections

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Neoplastic disease

The long-term health effects of these devices are not known, but they are being studied. Sun and other types of radiation Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and man-made sources like tanning beds and welding torches.

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Lavandula angustifolia review, benefits, uses & side effects

Lavandula angustifolia pleasant aroma combined with its purported health benefits make lavender essential oil a popular choice for aromatherapy and a common ingredient in cosmetics, flavors, and fragrances. The name lavender comes from the Latin verb “lavare,” meaning “to wash.” In ancient Rome, lavender was used as a bath additive.

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Bladderwrack review, benefits, dosage & side effects

The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) recommend a slightly higher iodine intake for pregnant women of 250 mcg per day 3). During pregnancy and lactation there is an increased urinary loss of iodine caused by a higher

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Phthalates, phthalates sources in food

Phthalates health effects. Some phthalates are suspected endocrine disruptors 47).Endocrine disruptors act by interfering with the biosynthesis, secretion, action, or metabolism of naturally occurring hormones 48).Given the importance of hormones in human physiology, there is concern in the scientific community over the potential for endocrine disruptors to adversely affect children’s health

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Simmonds disease

Simmonds disease. Simmonds disease also known as Simmonds’ syndrome or pituitary cachexia, is a chronic deficiency of function of the pituitary gland (chiefly the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland), a form of hypopituitarism, that leads to atrophy of many of the viscera, including the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, thyroid, adrenals, and gonads.

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Toxic encephalopathy

Toxic encephalopathy. Toxic encephalopathy is a term generally used to indicate brain dysfunction caused by exposure to exogenous substances such as toxic chemicals, solvents, illicit drugs, toxins, poisons, radiation, paints, industrial chemicals, certain metals and medications 1).Toxic encephalopathy includes a spectrum of symptomatology ranging from subclinical deficits to overt clinical

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Hesperidin diosmin review, benefits, dosage & side effects

[Source 41)] Hesperidin benefits. Various biological and pharmacological effects have been reported for hesperidin. Hesperidin possesses the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory 42) and anti-cancer activities 43).Hesperidin exhibited significant mediatory effect on the extrinsic and intrinsic apoptosis of different cancerous cells 44).Hesperidin and its aglycon, hesperetin, were found to be

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What is urodynamic testing

A health care provider inserts the catheter through the urethra up into the bladder to remove and measure the amount of remaining urine. A postvoid residual of 100 milliliters or more is a sign that the bladder is not emptying completely.

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Bovine somatotropin, bovine growth hormone in milk

Bovine somatotropin. Bovine somatotropin also known as bovine growth hormone or recombinant bovine somatotropin, is an animal drug approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to increase milk production in dairy cows 1), but it is prohibited in several countries, among others Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and the Member States of the European Union, following animal

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What Are Refined Carbs

What are Refined Carbohydrates or Refined Carbs ? The healthiest sources of carbohydrates—unprocessed or minimally processed whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans—promote good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a …

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Flutter valve devices & flutter valve therapy

The Acapella flutter valve causes both airway vibrations and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy, so it essentially provides dual therapy for the patient. Acapella flutter valve is a triangularly shaped cylinder and is sometimes green or blue in color. The flutter valve device has …

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Common Conditions

Common Conditions. Histamine intolerance. 15.7K views. What is histamine intolerance Histamine intolerance is the results of a disequilibrium of accumulated histamine and the capacity for histamine degradation ( (Laura Maintz, Natalija Novak; read more.

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Mental retardation

Most studies indicate a four- to fivefold increase in mental health problems among individuals with mental retardation. In general, at least 25 percent of persons with mental retardation may have significant psychiatric problems, with the population experiencing, in particular, significantly increased rates of schizophrenia, depression, and

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What is Genetically Modified Food

Health experts and consumers have long debated whether organic foods are more nutritious and safer than conventional foods. A study released in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds that organics do have some safety advantages over conventional foods, nutritionally speaking they have little extra to offer.

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Nasogastric tube

Health care professionals should aim to provide adequate nutrition to every patient unless prolongation of life is not in the patient’s best interest. It should be hospital policy that the results of an admission nutritional screening are recorded in the notes of all patients with serious illness or those needing major surgery.

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