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How Does Sleep Affect Your Health – Cleveland Clinic

You know that sleep is a pillar of good health, along with a nutritious diet and regular activity. Not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of …

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10 Health Benefits of Grapes – Cleveland Clinic

Prevents cancer. Full of antioxidants, grapes may help fight off free radicals, which are molecules that can damage cells and may lead to cancer. “So antioxidants go …

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3 Ginger Health Benefits – Cleveland Clinic

Ginger, which comes from a flowering root plant, especially provides a variety of great health benefits. Found first in southeast Asia, the spice has been used in …

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Health Benefits of Pineapple – Cleveland Clinic

Don’t let that spiny skin intimidate you. Pineapple is sweet enough to rival most candies, and it packs way more health benefits. Here's how this tasty tropical fruit boosts your health and how

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When Should You Follow the BRAT Diet

Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . November 26, 2021 / Digestive. When Should You Follow the BRAT Diet? If you’ve got a …

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Health Benefits of Eating Peaches – Cleveland Clinic

Heart health. All types of fruits are an important part of a heart-healthy diet, but peaches might have some specific benefits. Research in animal studies has found that peach extract can help

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17 Power Foods for Your Heart – Cleveland Clinic

Health & Wellness Tips. Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . March 6, 2019 / Heart Health. 17 Power Foods for Your Heart. Try to work these into your diet. Share Facebook

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What’s a Healthy BMI

The BMI scale for adults is: Under 18: Underweight. 18-25: Normal. >25-30: Overweight. >30-40: Obese. Above 40: Morbidly obese. However, BMI is …

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How to Whiten Your Teeth: 4 Home Remedies – Cleveland Clinic

Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . November 29, 2021 / Oral Health. How to Whiten Your Teeth: 4 Home Remedies. Hydrogen peroxide and …

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9 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Tired – Cleveland Clinic

While sleep apnea can lead to other health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks, it can also cause you to feel more tired than usual. “Inadequate sleep or broken

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Are Potatoes Healthy

Like any food, potatoes are fine to eat in moderation. Advertising Policy. “Healthy food choices should include a variety of starchy and non-starchy vegetables,” says Dunn. “In fact, the new

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Are Air Fryers Healthy

An air fryer might be the next best kitchen gadget for you. “Air-frying is a healthier option because it essentially eliminates added oils completely,” says registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD.

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Can Face Masks Cause Health Problems

A: There can be behavioral reasons (young children, psychiatric illness, autism, claustrophobia, etc.) for why individuals might not tolerate a mask or …

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Are There Health Benefits to Using Liquid Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll’s reputation as a health and wellness supplement predates the recent TikTok-fueled interest by decades. It has long been touted for a …

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Best Exercises for Shoulder Bursitis – Cleveland Clinic

Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . November 29, 2021 / Orthopaedics. Tips to Treat and Prevent Shoulder Bursitis. Stretching and eliminating stresses on the joint is key to

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3 Potential Health Benefits of Cinnamon – Cleveland Clinic

Some studies have also found that cinnamon can provide certain health benefits. Dietitian Candace O’Neill RD, LDN, shares why this versatile spice …

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Health Coaches: What They Do — and How They Can Help You

Health coaches typically address six key areas that affect wellness, with topics branching off into other categories. The six key areas are: Smoking. Stress. Nutrition. Sleep. Activity. Time

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4 Exercises to Lower Cholesterol – Cleveland Clinic

Start with a 15-minute exercise, then build up to at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. “The optimal goal is to achieve approximately 200 minutes per week of exercise,” Dr. Cho says. Stay

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Health Benefits of Black Pepper – Cleveland Clinic

The alkaloid piperine is a key compound in black pepper when it comes to these health benefits, including providing antioxidant properties.

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Athletes and Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma

Making mental health a priority for athletes. In today’s win-at-all-cost world, a competitor shutting down to deal with a mental health concern can bring unwanted labels such as “quitter

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4 Health Benefits of Golden Berries – Cleveland Clinic

Health benefits of golden berries. There’s a reason people have been eating golden berry for a few millennia: It’s really, really good for you in addition to being pretty tasty. “It

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How Much Water Should You Drink a Day

Health: “We really worry when people are sick and they’re not getting a sufficient amount of liquids — especially if they are also losing fluids due to vomiting or diarrhea,” notes Dr

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BMI for Women: How It Works and What It Reveals About Your

BMI is a controversial tool, with many health experts saying it’s a dinosaur that should be extinct. “BMI was developed 180 years ago, and they were getting most of their data from corpses.

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5 Benefits of Eating Spicy Food – Cleveland Clinic

Other health benefits of spicy foods. Dousing your dinner in hot sauce may have benefits besides weight management: Improve heart health. By helping break down the …

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How Safe Is That TikTok Health Trend

Honey has health benefits in moderation, but eating too much can increase blood sugar, lower blood pressure and cause a seriously upset stomach, including diarrhea.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Spaghetti Squash – Cleveland Clinic

The health benefits of spaghetti squash. Like other members of the squash family, the spaghetti squash is high in vitamins and nutritional value. “You’re getting tons of vitamin C, vitamin B6

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6 Health Benefits of Coconut Water – Cleveland Clinic

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water. Coconut water is filled with potassium, sodium and magnesium, making it a great option to help hydrate. It’s also low in calories and is fat-free. But

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5 Types of Therapy: Which Is Best for You

The National Institute of Mental Health says 1 in 5 U.S. adults experiences mental, behavioral or emotional disorders, but less than half have received any mental health services in …

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Parmesan Cheese: Nutrition Info and Health Benefits

Parmesan cheese nutrition info. A 1-ounce (28 gram) serving of Parmigiano-Reggiano contains: 112 calories. 8 grams total fat. 5 grams saturated fat. 2.6 grams monounsaturated fat. 0 …

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Health Benefits of Honey and How to Use It – Cleveland Clinic

Winnie the Pooh might have been on to something. While honey is known as a natural way to sweeten foods, it may have benefits for your body, too, says registered dietitian Mira Ilic, …

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Here’s How Fast Food Can Affect Your Body – Cleveland Clinic

A quick swing through the drive-thru can seem like a great option, but there’s a definite downside. In order to serve up food so quickly, cheaply and consistently, many fast food restaurants

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Normal Temperature: What Should Your Body Temp Be

Fitness, health and wellness tips sent to you weekly . October 28, 2021 / Family Medicine. What is a Normal Body Temperature? Your temperature fluctuates throughout your day — and your life

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5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor – Cleveland Clinic

A family physician can be the right answer for most healthcare situations. Medical emergencies are an exception. An emergency is a valid reason to …

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Is Monk Fruit a Healthy Sweetener

Monk fruit health benefits. Some evidence suggests that the mogrosides in monk fruit contain good-for-you antioxidants. Commonly found in plant …

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What Is the Glycemic Index

The glycemic index can identify which foods cause wild swings in blood sugar. Here’s a rundown of what foods are part of a low glycemic index diet, and which to avoid.

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Napping: 3 Proven Health Benefits – Cleveland Clinic

Policy. A good old-fashioned nap might be just what the sandman ordered. “Napping can help you feel a little more energetic, alert and relaxed,” says psychologist and behavioral sleep disorder

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3 Reasons Why Pistachios Can Boost Your Health – Cleveland

Pistachios can pack a powerful punch for your health, says registered dietitian Laura Jeffers, Med, RD, LD.That’s because these little green gems are a great source of nutrition, and are

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Are Energy Drinks for Kids a Good Idea

With neon colors and flashy designs, energy drinks are tempting for kids. But these high-caffeine drinks can cause health problems for kids and adolescents. Find …

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Is Sushi Healthy

Opting for sushi with brown rice, a whole grain, is a health-conscious move. “You’re going to get more health benefits from the fiber, from more B …

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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Health Benefits

The bottom line about Himalayan salt lamps. There’s little evidence to back up the claims about improved air quality, increased respiratory health and better mood and sleep. So if you’re

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